Technical Regulations

23.0 Group Junior

23.1 Class Junior U.K. Clubman

Affiliation Commercial UKC management Team

23.2            Introduction. For further details contact Or visit web site

23.3 Chassis. CIK homologated conforming to MSA direct drive regulations.

23.4 Engines. Parilla Leopard TaG . This engine must conform to the manufacturers specifications and may not be modified in any way. Its function must be as designed and intended. The addition of materials to any components is not permitted. All parts used in or on the engine must be of original manufacture. Only the original manufacture power pack, wiring loom and starter may be used. Only the official restrictor may be used.

* If it is not mentioned assume it is not allowed.

Piston port inc. BT82 As per CIK list 1995 & earlier, fitted with centrifugal clutch & started by external starter.

23.4.1 Restrictors: Leopard Official restrictor 14mm ( 130kg weight), 14.75mm (140kg weight). Piston port commercially manufactured 3mm flat plate - 19mm (125kg weight), 20.5mm (135kg weight)

23.4.2 Carburettor. Leopard Tillotson 334/23 334/19 360 standard & unmodified.

Piston Port Walbro CIK - Standard & unmodified.

Washers or levers to aid jet adjustment are permitted. No added / extra components of any description that could affect the air flow either side of the restrictor ,where required, are allowed.

23.4.3 Exhaust silencer . The silencer must be as supplied and may not be modified, cut and /or re-welded. Exhaust flex bandage must be used.

23.4.4 Battery. The battery must be to the supplied specification up to 7.5 Ah. Maximum size 155mm x 70mm x 100mm and sealed.

23.4.5       Radiator. In accordance with MSA regulations

23.5 Transmission. Direct from engine to axle via a single length of chain. Leopard 11t sprocket, Piston Port 10t to 14t sprocket.

23.5.1 Axle. Solid or hollow up to 40m diameter of a ferrous material.

23.6            Brakes . Hydraulic disc brake operating on rear wheels only, with additional duplicate linkage.

23.7 Tyres. Slicks: Maxxis SLC or HG2

Wets: WT3 or WT4

23.8 Weight. Parilla Leopard 130kg (14mm restrictor).

Parilla Leopard - 140kg (14.75 restrictor), driver 60kg min. in race attire

Piston Port 125kg ( 19mm restrictor)

Piston Port 135kg ( 20.5mm restrictor) driver minimum 62kg in race attire.

23.9            Plates . Green with white numbers.

23.10         Age From 11th Birthday to end of year of 16th Birthday.


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