The New Clubman Class
Dear Club Secretary,

Dear Club Secretary,


 Please see the technical regulations (available from this site) for the Junior and Senior UKC classes, which is a catchall 125cc class agreed and approved by the M.S.A.

With all the new engines coming to the UK Kart circuit, the clubman class tries to accommodate these new 125cc engines and with the juniors a chance to use their old engines at little or no cost increase. The concept is to allow other manufacturers a chance to race their engines without additional classes, which is very much in-line with the MSA and ABKC requirement. Each make of engine will be tested to achieve a common performance output in accordance with the class owners and under the guidance of the M.S.A. and ABKC. All engines will NOT be sealed, giving freedom of choice in servicing and self-maintenance; a fiche for each engine will be logged with the M.S.A. for legality (which can be purchased).

The junior class has been restricted to current TKM and Mini Max speeds allowing Cadets to promote straight to this class after their eleventh birthday.

While grids are in their infancy the MSA and the class affiliation would appreciate you considering the following. As the Junior speed has been restricted and the tyres are of a similar compound, it offers clubs the chance to split current intermediate and junior classes by adding them to the back of the intermediate grid, or even to the back of the mixed grid. Whilst the engine is a 125cc it has to be noted that the speed and tyres are not comparative with that of the junior Max. See the MSA classes for clarity.

The Senior class could be easily accommodated at the back of an appropriate grid in its infancy at your circuit. The current listed 125cc engine for the clubman classes is the Leopard from I.A.M.I., which has an onboard starter and alternator the Vortex ROC and the PRD Fireball.

Please discuss the above with your committee and understand that these classes have been conceived with the club-racing enthusiast in mind on the grounds of safety affordability and freedom of choice. You should apply for an N.1.3. from the M.S.A. or ABKC and run it under the class regulations, which are on the web site.

Please Fax or phone to Clubman Karting on 01488 682006 or e-mail


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