Jan 18 2006
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The U.K.C. 125cc Multi Engine TaG Racing 2006 Calendar.


The U.K.C. is looking forward to the coming 2006 racing season. With the club championship for Seniors at the Forest Edge Kart Circuit just off the A303 East of Andover and North of Winchester. Visit http://www.feck.co.uk There is a practise weekend once a month were new or up and coming drivers can try their hand in the U.K.C. class, drivers should phone or check the FEKC web site for dates.

Bayford Meadows are running a Multi Engine TaG Racing Senior Club Championship for 2006. Visit http://www.bayfordkarting.co.uk


The RAF/MSA will be running a National Championship over seven rounds for 2006, and will be racing at the following clubs. Visit http://www.rafkarting.co.uk Rissington, April and July / Llandow, May / Crail, June / Warden Law, August

Fulbeck, September / Glan y Gors in October.


Club 125 are running a Premier Championship for Multi Engine TaG 125cc for 2006.

At these circuits, Buckmore Park, March / Milton Keynes, April / Lydd, April and August. Wilton Mill, June / Bayford Meadows, July and October / Clay Pigeon, September. Club 125 also offer a lease package of a kart and IAME Leopard engine. http://www.club125racing.co.uk


The U.K.C. will be supporting the local Southern Championship @ Forest Edge and in 2006. You can pickup on some of the articles and comments over the previous years on the Clubman Karting News page.

There will be an opportunity to try out the new PRD FIREBALL and itís performance at Forest Edge and even a chance to hire a complete kart for a sprint race.


There will be an O Plate meeting early in the year as well as an end of seasons one-day National Charity Championship to help raise money for the below charities.


The U.K.C. wants to maintain support of the four childrenís charities by raising money from driverís one-day sponsorships.


  Great Ormand Street Hospital
  Foundation for Study of Infant Death
  Cancer and Leukaemia In Children

Thanks to all those drivers and supporters who worked hard and supported these worthy charities.


Finally for drivers looking to the 2007/8 seasons and the coming of the 125cc TaG ICA and Super A classes you can start your race preparations in the UKC Senior class were we only use the latest and traditional reed breathing 125cc engines. The most recent to the grid is the PRD FIREBALL and the R&R Extreme for more information on these engines contact skenchington@btinternet.com If you can import or have a 125cc TaG engine you would like on the grid and can support it with manufacturing capabilities contact the above e-mail, we are only to willing to add more engines.