Clubman Corner Mar 2006

Clubman Corner

The UKC125ccTaG class.


By now everyone should be aware that 2006 is the 50th anniversary of Karting and as I have enjoyed racing karts on occasions over the last 25 of them both I and the UKC 125 TaG class would like to add our weight to the celebrations.In deed I hope to bring more news on that later in the year.

I am also saddened by the statistical evidence that we seem to be in the middle of a difficult time with a downturn in race entries and club memberships at grass roots, which is where we need to encourage new drivers to start and existing ones to stay.Some clubs seem to be suffering more than others but the trend does seem to be a national one.Having discussed this issue with a number of people there seems to be a few reasons, but there are two issues that get mentioned more than the rest. 1. Many people are confused with the large number of classes from which they can choose, especially when several of them have their own specific rules.

2. A considerable number of people are also struggling to meet the ever rising general running costs plus the cost of equipment which is sometimes needed just to meet the changing regulations let alone enable them to remain competitive.I must add that I do not know what the real increase in costs has been over say the past 5 to 10 years as everything we do costs us more.

However, the original concept when the UKC 125 TaG class was set up included the aim of keeping the racing budget at a sensible level particularly for the Club Driver who does not have bottomless pockets but still wants to enjoy competitive racing.To demonstrate this the following figures might be interesting.New engines are available from as little as £850 whilst good second-hand engines can be found for around £600.A competitive second-hand chassis around 1 year old could cost as little as £5-600, older ones obviously even less.Which means that a competitive Kart ready for racing could be available for around £1200, maybe even less?

But we must not forget the running costs as they can mount up.

* Tyres, Maxxis HG2ís cost less than £100 a set and can last up to 4 meetings which means that £300 would easily cover this cost for a 10 meeting season, unless wets are required, £140 a set.

* Engine maintenance would cost in the region of £100 mid season for a top end overhaul plus around £280 at the end for a full overhaul. But I know someone who raced for a full season without the mid way overhaul.

* The other important costs to remember are the practice and race entry fees, which for a 10 meeting season would be around £700.Then we should add fuel, oil, chain lube and other miscellaneous costs.

Meaning that a seasons running costs could be as low as around £1500, on top of the initial purchase price, licence costs and clothing costs. So for around £3000 you could thoroughly enjoy your first full seasons competitive racing and, if youíre lucky, the second years costs could be less.

Now obviously I must not ignore the costs of getting to and from the circuit nor any accommodation costs if you have them.But you must agree that the UKC 125 TaG class does provide a very cost efficient entry to Motor Sport.If you choose Forest Edge as your home circuit I would also be prepared to assist you with advice and guidance, but donít forget that we race too.

For those of you who want to carry out your own engine maintenance Ė YOU CAN - the engines are not sealed.If you donít want to then there are a number of people who will do an excellent job for you.

If you want to know more please go to or find me at Forest Edge. Check out meeting dates

Enjoy your racing in 2006.


Dave Underhill.